Three ‘Must Have’ Vinyl Records?

The Best Twenty Albums Ever

Here at Le Petit Cochon we’re very happy to admit a certain fondness for the classics – so if you want to arrive in style in a lovingly restored MGB then great; if you arrive with a Nikon film camera then Andrew will welcome you in and talk photography until your eyes glaze over. And if you long for simpler times, soon you will be able to lift the turntable lid, put on some classic vinyl and relive the rich sound from a 12” LP from Le Petit Cochon collection! There is a joy in vinyl that CD’s and downloads just can’t match and we hope guests will love reliving some great titles and memories.

And we need your help… we’re creating a collection of classic albums that we think guests might like to enjoy listening to. The question is what to include? We’ve thought of the obvious – Pink Floyd “Dark side” was first on the list (or was that “Rumours” by Fleetwood Mac); The Beatles (we thought “Revolver” – what do you think?), plus Miles Davis and Dave Brubeck. So your challenge is this – given that we want twenty great albums that would have wide appeal and must relate to the vinyl era, which three titles would you contribute? Click on Facebook or twitter below to suggest your three or simply email…

And if you have any great titles that you would like to donate to the cause please let us know – funds are limited but we can promise a good home!