Slow Gers, Real France.

Slow Gers, Real France

The question asked of us most often is ”Why the Gers”? After all, this corner of South West France rarely shares the spotlight with Paris, Provence or the Dordogne. But perhaps that is its charm – we fell for the achingly beautiful countryside reminiscent of the rolling hills of Tuscany – the big blue skies, the fields of sunflowers and the rows of vines basking in the sunshine. But even more than that, when we landed by chance in Valence sur Baïse it felt like home. The slower pace of life was refreshingly different – it was authentic, the food markets full of locals inspecting the rich and varied local produce. And the people here are quite possibly the friendliest and most welcoming in France. Valence sur Baïse is ideally located with so much to experience – but don’t take our word for it – discover this corner of France for yourself. We look forward to sharing it with you.