Night Markets in Gascony

Throughout the summer, towns and villages in South West France put on regular night markets. For those unfamiliar with a night market, ‘what it is’ is relatively easy to explain; the atmosphere and pleasure somewhat harder to capture. In essence, a night market is a big street party, with long lines of communal tables for eating at, where everyone joins in; locals and visitors mingle and the welcome is just as warm if you are a tourist to the area. The music is often live, which creates a great atmosphere – especially when it’s the classic French tunes that are played and people join in; singing and dancing along to Johnny Halliday covers ! And then there is the food – this is Gers and food and drink are treated with much respect. So expect to find plenty of local artisan producers, showcasing fresh, quality ingredients and serving delicious dishes. Some stalls will also sell their produce to take away, so you can enjoy the market and take home a souvenir at the same time.

The pleasure of being at one of these night markets is much harder to convey. At this time of year, the days are long and sunny so any event that combines outdoor eating, drinking and music has to be experienced. These night markets can be very sociable, relaxed, easy-going and a great way to experience a bit of real France. And then there are the sensory delights – the warm evening sunshine on your skin, the rhythm of the music, the taste of good cheese, the smell of crisp, chilled wine and the joy of just watching the world go by as the sun sets. Recent visitors of ours were also amazed how reasonable the food costs were – no premiums just because it’s part of an event – that’s not the Gers way. So as well as a “must see” experience it is also a great value meal.

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