Living by the Seasons

Le Petit Cochon - Eat

“The longer you live here, the more you fall in step with the idea that everything has a season. Not to get too biblical about it, but in the course of a year, you discover that there is a time to eat figs and a time to dig up porcini mushrooms. A time for the birth of your livestock and a time to visit the graves of your dead relatives. There is a season for hunting, a season for the opera, and a season to go on strike.” – (The Reluctant Tuscan – How I Discovered My Inner Italian. By Phil Doran)

Although these words reflect life in Tuscany, the description resonates strongly with our life here at Le Petit Cochon. A life guided by the seasons, eating food when it is at its ripest and best. By doing things at their right time and enjoying and respecting the cycle of life. Perhaps quality of life isn’t simply the balance between work / family / hobbies but something more fundamental, a reconnection with nature and with people. If life feels rather overwhelming right now, start planning your visit to the Gers countryside, villages and vineyards…we look forward to welcoming you to our corner of South West France.