French Markets: Always a Joy

One of the great joys of life here in South West France is watching the Gers emerge from its winter slumber. To be fair, French markets remain surprisingly vibrant during winter, but now the clocks have changed and with the return of warm sunshine and blue skies, a greater energy is there for all to see. Flower stands are everywhere; full of spring flowers of course, but also with vegetable plants – in France, vegetables tend to take pride of place in any growing space. The first French strawberries are here, as is white and green asparagus – fresh cheeses too – all a sign that longer days are on their way. The menus will be changing to reflect the new season, the conversations at the coffee shops that bit louder and more joyful. The French respect for the seasons is something I find encouraging, comforting even.

Here at Le Petit Cochon we are always very happy to offer suggestions as to the best places to visit, so if you would like some inside information on the best markets to visit, do please ask.

NB: Images captured at Eauze Market, one of our favourites and easy to find from Le Petit Cochon.